Energized CEOs Mastermind Group (Jan-Jun 2019)

997 eur
Thu Jan 10, 4:00 PM - Thu Jun 13, 4:00 PM, 2019 (GMT)

What do highly productive leaders have in common? A go-to group of like-minded and experienced leaders to support them, brainstorm through challenges, and inspire them to achieve the goals they’ve set for themselves. Join the Energized CEOs Mastermind Group for 2019 and watch your productivity go through the roof!

What’s your biggest challenge keeping your leadership and your business from greatness?

For some, they’re not lacking ideas or plans but simple accountability. For others, they want inspiration and to keep the company of people who’ve gone where they haven’t yet.

How The Mastermind Works
+In small groups of 4-6 business owners/leaders who run a variety of businesses across different sectors, we meet twice a month virtually via video conference.
+You will be sent the ‘rules of engagement’ prior to meeting to ensure maximum privacy, respect, accountability, commitment, and professionalism to help you get your best work done and make this the most inspiring part of your month.
+You will be sent a short on-boarding survey before we get started to help us get to know you and your needs and to match you with an excellent group for your needs.
+You will get structured and specific ‘homework’ to do between sessions based SPECIFICALLY on your business and its progress so you can get real results fast.
+We work with people from across the globe and design our masterminds to place you in a group where you will not only enjoy contributing but also receive the support you need to overcome your business challenges effectively.
+Your meetings will be facilitated by international executive coaches James Kilgarriff and/or Geraldine Smythe.*
+We offer an annual discount of €100 off when you book for a full 12 months in advance. You can also get this discount if you prefer to book two team members for one 6-month series.

+People who are just interested but not committed to showing up and really putting effort into this process.
+Leaders who can’t or won’t listen because their style is ‘It’s My way or the highway’.
+Leaders who aren’t interest in growing their business or some kind of transformation because they’re perfectly happy with the way things are and don’t feel they need to change much.
+Leaders who believe they have learned all they need to to satisfy them in their business experience.

+RAPID results and transformations are the norm when people show up and do the work
+Form strong bonds and alliances with leaders in different areas from your own
+Discover unusual and better solutions from others due to the ‘cross-pollinization’ of ideas from peers across sectors
+New business can be conducted through these new connections that weren’t on the radar before
+Working with a professionally facilitated group means BOTH a curated experience and real accountability without the hassle of forming, maintaining, and properly administering your mastermind group for it to be really effective

You will be billed monthly at €997 (or your current rate of offer) for 6 months. You can receive a 25% discount for paying in full up front (this offer is not combinable with other partner or discount codes). Please email us for full details.

*Please note some months both James and Geraldine will both facilitate the video calls, but typically you will alternate coaches for maximum benefits for problem-solving. As we are a growing company determined to provide an exceptional experience for you, we reserve the right to invite additional professionals to facilitate your group as the need arises.

For anyone registering for the 2019 session by December 22, 2018 you will receive one FREE 30-minute one-on-one Strategy Session (worth €497) to help kick off your plans for 2019 and get your goals aligned and ready for your Mastermind Experience.

Please know: we can not offer refunds, as it takes a lot of effort for us to structure the masterminds carefully which require your commitment and attendance to be there to make it work for you and others. However, we guarantee that if you are committed to, (and not just interested in) participating, and you put in the time, effort, and engage with the Mastermind Group as is expected of you professionally, you WILL get superb results for both your business and likely even your own personal life. However, if you feel that after doing all of the above, we have somehow not met our commitment to you, we guarantee you can join a fresh mastermind for the equivalent time already paid for, so that you WILL get results from our system.

Geraldine Smythe

Business Strategist- Change and Crisis Management

James Kilgarriff

Executive Coach