90 Days to Your Business Dream Team and Transformation

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Mon Mar 16, 2020, 9:00 AM - Sat Jan 2, 2021, 5:00 PM (GMT)

Imagine what it would mean for your business RIGHT NOW if you could tap into the FULL potential of every team member and unleash your team’s efforts and talents for ‘MEGA Success’, in SPITE of this world-wide crisis! It IS possible.

If you’ve ever been overwhelmed with ongoing ‘people problems’ in your business, or you are having to make very, very tough choices right now about keeping or working with your team, you’re NOT alone!

Many professionals are struggling with how to best communicate the incredible challenges we’re all working with now, let alone having to make tough decisions with how best to manage their team so as to run their business in the way they envision it should be thriving, especially given the current business conditions.

But what if your management work and your team could be really different, SUPER connected and productive, and not just survive but THRIVE in 2020?!

If you want to wake up each day feeling energized, excited, and confident going in to work each day to face a team that’s
• fully “switched on”;
• showing up for you enthusiastically day in day out; AND
• getting along with each other to achieve the team’s highest priorities, all in sync, even during a crisis…

Imagine how THAT would make you feel about your business and work each and every day!

The good news is, this isn’t just for the lucky few in business.

It’s 100% achievable for ALL my clients. How?

We use a combination of your commitment to implementing my proven, HUMAN-centred management system for 90 days, then applying its strategies for success.

I coach you on getting clear on your goals, leading you to the success you envision. In applying my system, dramatic improvements happen like clockwork EVERY TIME for each of my clients. EVEN (and especially!) in the age of AI…!

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Benefits of the package
The 90-Days to Your Total ‘Dream Team’ Transformation Consulting Package will teach you exactly what you need quickly, to get lasting results by first dramatically improving your personal leadership so you can have a deep and long-lasting positive impact on team productivity and happiness.
At the end of our time together you will know how to:
• Follow my 5 simple steps to crystal clear communication with your team so they don’t just hear you, but they deliver for you, every time!
• Uncover hidden challenges and the likely root cause of much of any dysfunction at the office (HINT- It’s usually NOT a ‘people’ problem!).
• Inspire your team to become your dream team and get the great work you really want done– on time and on or under budget.
• Identify and onboard the best people for their best-suited roles on your team, whether they’re currently working for you or not.
• Mentor the right team members to become super stars in your company.
• Handle the most demanding (even entitled) employees to get them to either step up or move on willingly WITHOUT drama.
• Build a collaborative culture to FUTURE PROOF your business against new threats, all while giving you an edge in your marketplace.
• Build an ever-increasing positive reputation in the market, and a virtuous circle of continuous improvements: happy, positive employees yield better communication and relationships, leading to increased revenue and profits, causing happier, even more positive employees, and so on.

And ultimately…FEEL Deeply supported and back in the driver’s seat of your business heading towards an even better future!

The Elements of the Business Dream Team and Transformation Package
This exclusive and highly-supportive leadership package, focused and tailored for you and your team’s situation, will be provided by Geraldine Smythe, internationally award-winning business leader and leadership coach.

With this package you get:
• 1 Strengths Finder Test to identify your unique leadership strengths, plus a personalised ‘Results Interpretation’ with me. (Value=€399)
• A strategic plan to claim stake to your unique leadership style so it will resonate with diverse teammates (€2999)
• Two 45-minute transformative leadership coaching sessions per month (€599 x 3)
• Two 15-minute ‘Emergency’ calls per month to provide extra support in between regular calls for resolving a pressing matter (€199 x 3)
• Unlimited email access to me, your coach, between sessions €499)
• One intensive, in person Power VIP Retreat. This is a one-on-one 2-3 hour session at the start of our work together, setting you up for success. (€999)
BONUS #1: New hire advertising templates for attracting dream team members. (€499)
BONUS #2: One 90-minute - two-hour ‘Dream Team’ strategic group coaching session by skype or in person for up to 10 people, typically held around month 3 of our sessions (€2999)

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Bonus #1) Plan for your success in 2020 and SAVE! Book and pay in full by May 1, 2020 to get this program worth over €18,000 for just €8999, instead of €9999. (Private message me for your discount)

Bonus #2) When you pay in full by May 1, 2020 you will also get my ‘Group Interview Course’ to help you save HUGE time and money and make the RIGHT hiring decisions from day 1– entirely free! (This alone is worth tens of €s in making the right moves to strengthen your team!)

Bonus #3) Get started RIGHT AWAY (there’s not another moment to be lost in this incredibly rapidly changing business climate) with a deposit of just €2997, and I’ll defer the rest until May 1, 2020 so you can STILL get all the above bonuses and, more importantly, huge benefits of turning your business around asap!

I work with only three companies at a time, so we can fully focus on getting the results you want, with increased revenue, half the stress and a much more fulfilling company culture for you AND for your team!

Hurry and get in touch today to get our first session scheduled and make 2020 your best year yet in your business, against the odds!

I guarantee you will not just gain confidence in your decision-making but see tangible results when you work with me. My guarantee? I will double my time to work with you at no additional cost until you get the results you seek!


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I can’t wait to be a part of your transformative experience!


_Geraldine Smythe is a multi-award winning, internationally recognized Business Strategist with a specialty in Crisis and Change Management.

She has rare and proven business acumen, driving real results when managing diverse teams through several acute crises – e.g. collecting over $500,000 in ‘36-month old written off debts’ in 2 months to greatly boost a $3 million critical media firm in 9/11 working in New York City and improving an education franchise by 50% plus gaining an extra 25% market share during the 2008 crash–_

What others have had to say about working together with Geraldine

Geraldine brought a number of different skills to our company and was instrumental in delivering a number of positive changes. She demonstrated great ability to design, present and drive a clear marketing and business strategy; she changed a number of things about our workflow including expanding our team by bringing in interns and managing their workload; she was extremely skilled at helping to negotiate contracts with external companies and clients and helped us form very valuable partnerships which will greatly benefit us greatly in the future. - Rebecca Good, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Education Elephant

Working with Geraldine is truly uplifting. She delivers her guidance in such a supportive way that she instills confidence that empowers you to take the next steps. What sets Geraldine apart from other business coaches is that she presents the alternative option you might not have thought of and provides valid reasons why this option should be considered, often backed by her own experience. Starting and running your own business can be an isolating and terrifying experience. I’m so grateful to have Geraldine as a trusted resource and mentor with me on this journey! - Alicia Hoffman, Founder, WhizBiz Kids

I could not have asked for a more knowledgeable, persistent, or committed mentor. - Angela Akouri, Outdoor Education Management Professional

Geraldine is an inspirational leader, relentless development professional, creative marketer, and amazing mentor. - Blanca Recio-Martinez, Business Faculty, Miami Dade College’s School of Global Business

Geraldine Smythe

Business Strategist- Change and Crisis Management